Best Woodworking Shows of 2017

The 2017 Woodworkers Shows


The Woodworking Shows are the most exciting and innovative events that bring the future into the hands of woodworking friends. The 2017 woodworking shows aim at presenting the newest technology and showcasing the best items to help facilitate and improve the woodworking industry. If you are a woodworking fanatic, then you ought not to miss these fascinating event as it provides a thriving platform that focuses on building meaningful commercial interactions in the industry. There is a bunch of organized workshops and educational seminars that will tip you on how to handle tools safely. Besides, you will also get hands-on training on handy Do-It-Yourself tips. Moreover, if you own a woodworking business, these shows will also get tipped on valuable tips, equipment, solutions and tools needed to propel your business.

The show attracts thousands of attendees and exhibitors from different parts of the United States and beyond. The 2017 Woodworking Shows in the United States is going to be an inspiration to most woodworking fans. Woodworkers will discover the items they weren’t aware of. Perhaps, the event is going to be an answer to various questions that keep pestering most woodworkers. Among the too good to miss events in the woodworkers shows 2017 include;

Springfield Woodworking Show 

It is going to be a three-day event that will be held from 13-15th January 2017. The event will take place in Eastern States Exposition Center, West Springfield. If you want to get your business whether small, medium or large in front of your customers, then this event IS for you. Woodworkers will benefit from the various demonstrations, exhibits, training and tools and supplies organized in this event.

Woodworking Show Baltimore

This event will be presented by eminent woodturners and woodworkers who have produced the most innovative and latest design tools, furniture, adhesives, home improvement products, wood processing machines, cutting tools, machinery and cabinet tools and hardware and much more. Additionally, if you are an exhibitor, you will also get a solid chance for networking opportunities needed to improve your business. Educational seminars and demonstrations will be conducted.

St Louis Woodworking Show 

This event will take place on 10-12th February 2017 at Gateway Center in Collinsville. The show will focus on community development and education through free and paid seminars. Products such as finishing tools and supplies, cleaning tools, stationary machinery, veneers, power tools and accessories and much more.

Woodworking Show Portland

This event will offer you all the woodworking products under one roof. It will take place for three days in Portland. The list of the goods to be displayed is endless. Visitors from abroad and around will benefit a lot from this event. The latest and leading brand names will be available in this event.

Sacramento Woodworking Show  – To Be Determined

This event will go for three days and will be held at Sacramento, North California. If you need a clear focus on woodworking products, then you should not miss this breathtaking event. Leading brand companies and woodworking experts from all corners of the world will attend this event.

Woodworking Show Costa Mesa – To Be Determined

All products in the woodworking industry will be displayed in this glorious event. It will take place for three consecutive days. You will also gain a clear focus on the woodworking field from woodworking products to be displayed and educational seminars to be conducted.

Woodworking and DIY Denver 

It will take place in Denver for three days. Advanced woodworking and contemporary techniques will be showcased at this event. As a participant, you will find this show very attractive as you will learn and get acquainted with the latest and most advanced woodworking and woodcraft techniques. Professionals and exhibitors from different parts of the world will attend this event. order-tickets-now

If you are new to woodworking, then there is no great way of gaining insight other than participating in a woodworking show. It is not only a wonderful way of spending your day with fellow woodworkers but is also an excellent way of immersing yourself in the woodworking experience. The 2017 Woodworking Shows have been organized in advance and are renowned by all woodworking experts around the world. It will be a great chance for you too if you have an interest in the woodworking industry. Prepare in advance as the shows get ready to launch. There are all reasons for you to attend these shows. Some of the shows will also involve Tools, Home improvement, food and even one had lawn mowers to be sold. You never know what you are going to see at the shows. Be ready for anything.