Saturday, November 28, 2015

MWA Special #2 - Dyami on MakerCast

A few weeks ago Jon Berard was kind enough to interview +Dyami Plotke for his MakerCast podcast.

MakerCast is a podcast that seeks out makers of things and celebrates their uniqueness, skill-set and drive. If you've not listened and subscribed to MakerCast, you should. Jon has talented woodworkers and other makers on as guests. He has chatted with people such as +Kyle Toth and Carley Eisenberg, two of many makers who are more talented than Dyami.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MWA Podcast Episode #81 - Kyle Barton

What’s in the shop?
  • Dyami


  • Tom


  • Kyle

Main topic


·        5 Questions
o   How did you get into woodworking?
§  Kyle has always liked building. Models and things of that nature.
§  Roy and Norm were big influences.
§  Then, he bought a house.
o   What’s your favorite tool?
§  Jet 12” jointer/planer
§  Cheating, he also likes draw knives
o   Who has influenced you the most?
§  Marc Spagnolo (& Tom & I)
o   What was your biggest stumbling block?
§  Time & Skill. Getting enough time to get out in the shop and improve.
o   How has the internet influenced your work?
§  Provided information and skill.
§  Knowing what’s good

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

MWA Special - 25 Questions from WIA15

While running around at Woodworking in America 2015 I managed to get a few folk to sit for the 5 questions. I had a nice chat with everyone and hopefully you enjoy their answers. Next year, I need to be more proactive and bring back many more questions.

For more on those I chatted with, check the links below:

Dan Zahner (on the right)

Matt Cremona

Freddy Roman

Ally Shore

Mark Hicks

Sunday, October 18, 2015

MWA Podcast Episode #80, Woodworking In America 2015

Our mobile recording setup
Once the marketplace lectures were over, we commandeered the bench and setup our microphones. We discussed the event this year with some great guests.

Left to Right: Tom, Jim & Dan.

Dan Zehner of Zehner Woodworks
Custom Made

Jim Vitale of Macomb Stairs

Left to Right: Tom's thumb, Jim & Tony.

Tony Vitale of Macomb Stairs

Left to Right: Tom and Mike.

Mike Siemsen of Mike Siemsen's School of Woodworking
Mike Siemsen's School of Woodworking

Left to Right: Tom and Steve.

Steve Carmichael of The Carmichael Workshop
The Carmichael Workshop